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Đền Bạch Mã, Lặng Người Trước Mảnh Ghép Văn Hoá Ấn Tượng

Include Bach Ma Temple, Hanoi in your visit plan, if you want to admire the timeless beauty of the capital. Here are the “so many and so many” facts about Bach Ma Temple, Hanoi.

#teamKlook favorite traveling Hanoi You must be familiar with the cultural relics that have made up the ancient colors of the thousand-year-old capital. However, did you know, in the first days of the year, Hanoians have the custom of going to the ceremony in the four towns of Thang Long? Those are the four sacred temples: Bach Ma, Voi Phuc, Kim Lien, Quan Thanh guarding 4 positions of the bloodline of Thang Long citadel, to protect the citadel from calamities and instability.
Klook Vietnam had the opportunity to introduce Quan Thanh Temple Located in the North, today will continue to take you to Bach Ma Temple located in the East, to listen to stories with bold colors and legends, sketch the historical and cultural picture of the nation. Vietnam from thousands of years ago.

About Bach Ma Temple Hanoi

Thang Long – Dong Do – Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with a fairly large scale right from the beginning of its construction in 1010. Many architectural works reflect the richness of spiritual culture of the Ly Dynasty, which is typical. are the four towns of Thang Long, the places to worship the gods who have contributed to the national security of the state, building and preserving the Thang Long citadel. In particular, Bach Ma Temple is the place to worship the gods Long Do – Bach Ma Dai Vuong, Thang Long Thanh Hoang, occupying an extremely important position in Dai Viet culture at that time.

Located in the middle of Hang Buom street, among the mossy mossy tiled roofs, Bach Ma Temple becomes a beautiful highlight in the picture of Hanoi’s old town. The temple is also known as Bach Ma Dark Linh Tu, which is not only the oldest temple in Hanoi, but also a rare relic with the date of its inception, which was in 866, ie the 9th century.

In the old days, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the kings often offered sacrifices at Bach Ma Temple and the remaining 3 temples in the group of Thang Long four towns to pray for the nation’s peace, good weather, and a prosperous life; and this custom has been maintained by the people of Ha Thanh to this day, when on the first days of the new year, Thang Long town is always crowded with people going to worship and pray for peace.

In 1986, Bach Ma Temple was ranked as a national historical relic and became a valuable source of material for researching and learning about Thang Long – Hanoi.

Every year, Bach Ma Temple is the place to hold the Bach Ma Temple Festival on the 12th and 13th of the 2nd lunar month, to honor the god Long Do with many activities meaning “drinking water, remember the source” very humanely of the people. ethnicity.

Over a thousand years, the temple has been restored many times but still retains the majestic landscape and rare ancient vestiges, carries extremely special historical and cultural values, and is an unforgettable destination. Skip it when traveling to Hanoi.

Where is Bach Ma Temple?

Bach Ma Temple in the past belonged to Ha Khau ward, Dong Tho canton, Tho Xuong district, Hoai Duc ward, Thang Long citadel. This location is located on the banks of the Red River, next to the mouth of the To Lich River, in the east of the citadel. Now, Bach Ma Temple is located at 76 Hang Buom Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

How to Go to Bach Ma Temple Hanoi

Moving to Bach Ma Temple is not difficult at all, because the temple is located in the center of Hoan Kiem district, right in the old quarter.

If using a private vehicle, from Hoan Kiem lake, you follow Le Thai To street towards Hang Trong street. Then, turn left at Hang Khay Street, then Dinh Tien Hoang Street. Go through the roundabout, continue to follow Hang Dao Street until you meet Hang Buom Street, then turn right.

If you go by bus, you can choose one of the routes: 01, 14CT, 18, 22A, 34, 18, 43 with stops near Bach Ma Temple.

In addition, service Private car with driver Klook’s tour guide will take you to any attraction you want, with a completely flexible schedule and timing. And travel through Bach Ma Temple and other cultural landmarks and historical sites of the capital Hanoi on one red double-decker bus That’s a great idea too. You can join the Ha Thanh sightseeing bus by booking a quick – convenient – economical ticket right on the Klook platform.

Opening Hours of Bach Ma Temple for Reference

Currently, Bach Ma Temple welcomes guests from 9:00 to 17:30 every day of the week. Particularly on New Year’s Eve, the temple will be open all night for the convenience of visitors to visit and enjoy the nostalgic space in the joyful sound of the New Year’s Day.

The Legend of Bach Ma Temple Hanoi

Bach Ma Temple is the temple with the longest history in Thang Long land, associated with many legends, legends and interesting stories about the god Long Do. One of the most thrilling folk tales is that of Cao Bien’s destruction.

According to two ancient books: Linh Nam Chic Quai and Viet Dien U Linh Tap, at the end of the Tang Dynasty, in the face of increasing resistance of Dai Viet people to the Northern domination, Cao Bien was sent by the Tang Dynasty to be a moderator. envoy in Giao Chau to rule the Vietnamese people and build Dai La citadel.

The temperance porcelain Cao Bien is said to be a man of boundless talent, capable of covering all areas of the dragon veins (good land) in order to restrain the Vietnamese forever.

Once, when Cao Bien was walking around at the east gate of the saint, out of nowhere appeared a god sitting majestically on the back of a golden dragon circling the citadel. Cao Bien thinks it’s a goblin, so he wants to set up an island to suppress it.

That night, Cao Bien dreamed that the god said that he was Long Do of prosperity, not a demon, seeing the newly built citadel, so he just wanted to come and see. However, Cao Bien was still skeptical, so he made a legislator, built a statue, and used a thousand pounds of iron as a charm.

The next night, the sky and earth were dark, with heavy rain and wind, burning iron charms to ashes. Before this incident, Cao Bien was angry and decided to return to the North; and people built a temple to worship the god Long Do.

Nearly 200 years later, when Ly Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La and changed its name to Thang Long, the court wanted to expand the citadel, but after building the city, it collapsed, so it went to Long Do temple to pray.

Sure enough, that night, King Ly Thai To had a dream from the god Long Do that there would be a white horse going from the temple to the West, then turning to the East and then returning to the starting point, the king just built according to the direction of the temple. The horse’s foot prints won’t fall anymore.

Indeed, after successfully building the citadel, King Ly Thai To carved a statue of a white horse to worship and anointed him as the National Capital of Dinh Bang Thanh Hoang Dai Vuong, that is, the Citadel of the whole Thang Long citadel. The temple has since been known as Bach Ma Temple.

Who is Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi worshiping?

In Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general, there are many relics of polytheism but very few places of worshiping monotheism, and Bach Ma Temple is one of them. This place worships only one god Long Do – Bach Ma Dai Vuong.

An interesting thing is, God Long Do is not only worshiped at Bach Ma Temple, but also appears in some other monuments. Particularly in the inner city of Hanoi, there are 11 relics worshiping this sacred deity, proving the extremely important role of Bach Ma Temple in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people as well as in the culture of the nation.

Literature of Bach Ma Temple

On the full moon day of the month, or the 1st of the lunar calendar, or at the beginning of the new year, people often go to Bach Ma Temple to pray for peace, good luck and good fortune. After offering the ceremony, burning incense, you can read the vows in front of the altars, or just put the vows on a small plate and then put them on the offering tray. When performing the golden ceremony, it is necessary to make vows first. Next, while waiting for a week of incense, you can visit the campus of Bach Ma Temple.

“Broken Eyes” Before the Architecture of Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi

When visiting Bach Ma Temple, you will be overwhelmed by an architectural beauty containing the rich wisdom and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people in the past.

Through many restorations, the current temple architecture is mainly in the artistic style of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century with a closed, vertical structure, including: Nghi Mon, Phuong Dinh (front yard), Dai Bai (front yard). outside family), Thien Huong, Forbidden Palace (place of worshiping Bach Ma idol) and Council house.

The temple was built in the shape of the letter “tam” on an area of ​​​​nearly 600m2, facing the South. Opening the door to enter is the communal house that was embellished from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century – when there were only 4 columns and 2 floors, 8 roofs, a three jewels and more than 13 diaphragms. The carvings on the temple doorways are quite similar to the architectural style of the communal house of the Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hoi An, and many Chinese carvings still exist in the Bach Ma Temple. In addition, the two sides of the communal house also have shrines to worship Te Vuong Phi and Be Nui.

Going inside, you will see that Bach Ma Temple still retains a lot of traditional architectural elements, which are shown through exquisitely sculpted ironwood columns and supporting roofs, forming the position of “the gong stand stacked with two children”. ” and “system with three directions”. It is this ancient architecture that helps Bach Ma Temple have stability despite the time.

In particular, there are almost no temples or pagodas that can keep the sound hole like Bach Ma Temple. It is a well on the right side of the temple, which is important from the point of view of yang and yin, and the grave well is yin. Bach Ma Temple preserves 15 stone steles carved with the restoration of the temple, the Trinh lord’s regulations on tax exemption and translation to take care of the temple, and many valuable ancient relics such as the ordination of many kings. Le dynasties, Tay Son or Nguyen dynasties, worshiping palanquins, worshiping cranes, double phoenixes, etc

Tourist Attractions Near Bach Ma Temple Hanoi

Since its formation, Hang Buom has been home to many of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in Hanoi, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Now, Hang Buom Street is a culinary paradise with Lots of delicious Hanoi dishescrowded cafes. The atmosphere here is always bustling, fun, especially on weekends, when Hanoi Walking Street lights start to come on.
Besides, it only takes 3 minutes to walk to check-in Ta Hien sleepless streetmake a few beers, aim for some bait and then go home, right!

Hostels & Hotels Near Bach Ma Temple

If you want to stay in the area near Hoan Kiem lake it’s too easy. Have a lot of Hanoi hotel, Hanoi homestay Luxurious, comfortable, and reasonably priced for you to choose from. Just Hanoi hotel reservation and apply exclusive discount code exclusively for #teamKlook, you’ve got a really good place to stay. Staying in this area, #teamKlook can admire the nostalgic side of the capital and experience the very own lifestyle of Hanoi people. Of course, it is impossible to miss the delicious food, exquisite crafts and the regular arts and cultural events held nearby.

1. Scent Premium Hotel

  • Address: 31 Hang Hanh alley, Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

  • Reference price: from 591,000 VND/night

2. Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa

  • Address: 20 Dao Duy Tu Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City

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3. Hanoi Esplendor Hotel and Spa

  • Address: 80 Hang Ga Street, Hang Bo Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City

  • Reference price: from 553,000 VND/night

4. Hanoi Prime Center Hotel

  • Address: 36 Hang Huong alley, Hang Ma street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

  • Reference price: from 195,000 VND/night

5. Ancient Paradise Hotel

  • Address: 95 Hang Chieu Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City

  • Reference price: from 426,000 VND/night

Perhaps, nowhere in Vietnam there are as many temples, pagodas, communal houses and shrines as in Hanoi. That land of thousand years of civilization has witnessed the changes of the Vietnamese nation through so many historical periods. If there is a chance wandering in Hanoi for a day#teamKlook can do a tour of the four towns of Thang Long, including: Bach Ma Temple, Quan Thanh Temple, Kim Lien Temple, Voi Phuc Temple, and especially Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – the place where the history of the land of capitals originates.

Follow the call of the ancestral homeland to worship Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi!




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