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List #21 loài hoa Đà Lạt đẹp ”LUNG LINH” và ý nghĩa của chúng

Dalat flowers – There are many tourists who ask us to summarize the most beautiful flowers in Dalat today. In order not to disappoint tourists when coming to Da Lat. That’s why today would like to summarize some list of beautiful cotton species in Da Lat. For guests who have a soul that loves flowers and ornamental plants to know more.

Dalat flowers

Dalat flowers

Dubbed the “city of thousands of flowers”, anywhere in Da Lat, visitors will easily see flowers. According to the time of year, this place will have its own characteristic flowers. Let’s explore famous flowers and flower viewing spots. Accordingly, you can choose for yourself an appropriate travel time. Come on, let’s follow us to learn about the flowers in Da Lat. As well as the names of flowers in Da Lat.

Da Lat flowers – Top most famous beautiful flowers today

Currently, in Da Lat, there are many different kinds of flowers. Depending on the preferences of each person, some people like this type of flower, others like other flowers. But today we write this article. We have compiled all the opinions of the majority of tourists when coming to Da Lat.

In this article, we have updated the list of famous flowers in Da Lat as well as beautiful flowers in Da Lat. Hope this article can help visitors in the process of learning their knowledge.

Da Lat wildflowers in November

A typical flower season when people mention Da Lat flowers. In the last months of the year, Da Lat is covered in yellow around the city throughout the passes and suburbs. A typical color of the typical Central Highlands wildflowers. Flowers grow naturally thanks to the weather conditions here. It is a symbol of strength and vitality. There should be trees that are taller than a person’s head and cotton as big as two folded hands.

Wild sunflowers in Da Lat

wild sunflowers

In spite of wild sunflowers blooms from about October, lasts until the end of the year. But the most beautiful and flowering time is around November. In the cold weather at the end of the year in the middle of the mist, the golden sunshine is not too bright is the morning scene in Da Lat. This is also an ideal time for you to get lost in the golden streets of wild sunflowers. The moment gives you a poetic look of the plateau.

Wild sunflowers in Da Lat

wild sunflowers

Da Lat hydrangea always blooms all year round

A flower with its own signature of the foggy city is almost planted and blooms all year round. Hydrangeas have larger, round flowers that are more colorful than elsewhere. Favored by nature, the land of Da Lat can be grown Hydrangea in Da Lat can change from white to blue, pale yellow, pink or purple. If you go to Da Lat at the time of the blooming of this flower, you will not be surprised by the scenery only in this land.

Beautiful hydrangea

Beautiful hydrangea

The best season of hydrangeas from May to December in Da Lat. All over the road you will see clusters of small hydrangeas. In addition, there are a number of gardens specializing in growing hydrangeas visitors can visit such as: the largest flower field in Trai Mat, the flower field in Clay village.

Hydrangea flowers in Da Lat

Pictures of hydrangeas

Sunflowers with two blooming seasons in a year

The sunflower fields have become a favorite place for tourists. It was thought that Nghe An was the land covered with sunflowers. But this flower is not difficult to find when coming to Da Lat. The weather is cool. Decorated with a sea of ​​yellow flower dots on the background of green leaves, it seems to add warmth to this place. The flower here is as big as two hands, the petals are long and golden.

Sunflowers in Da Lat

Sun Flower

Time to see sunflowers in the most brilliant season. That is May – June and November – December. Go in the direction Van Thanh flower village to Ta Nung Pass, this area is full of sunflowers. Moreover, Dalat Milk farm in Don Duong There are also large flower fields. Come in the right season to see this flower in full bloom.

Pictures of flowers

Pictures of flowers

Rose – The most beautiful flower in love

The name “Rose” is a familiar name when it comes to Dalat. Currently, there are hundreds of rare varieties of roses such as Da Lat ancient roses, French roses, Japanese roses, etc.

Flowers of Dalat

Flowers of Dalat

Thanks to the typical climate here, Da Lat persimmon grows more than 1m tall and has many thorny stems. This flower grows all year round, coming here visitors are spoiled for viewing and buying at any time. You can visit the very famous rose garden that specializes in growing and selling at alley 2, Dang Thai Than Street.

The most beautiful flower

Pictures of Roses

Lavender Da Lat (lavender)

Lavender or otherwise known as Lavender flowers appear a lot of the year in Da Lat. Lavender is a luxurious flower in the land of flowers. The beauty of this flower gives Dalat a little European atmosphere. Every July every year is the time when the flowers bloom with bold purple colors and are the most beautiful.

beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

The common feature of Vietnam’s climate is high humidity. But Da Lat is a place with a cold and dry climate all year round. This flower variety has grown well in large flower fields. This is a strong point that can attract tourists to Da Lat to see the charm and immerse in the sweet fragrance.


Lavender field

Da Lat flower varieties of the Cuc family – Chrysanthemum

There are more than 50 types of chrysanthemums in the world. Meanwhile, the land of Da Lat can grow almost all of them. Therefore, coming to Da Lat, visitors can admire the world of the Cuc family. Like yellow daisies, red daisies, nightingale daisies, dragon claws, etc.

Da Lat Chrysanthemums


Currently chrysanthemums are grown in greenhouses and appear all year round in Da Lat. But each variety of chrysanthemum will bring different attraction and blooming time. The most beautiful is in the harvest season from August of Dalat until October. Please come and see the different varieties from time to time.

Beautiful wildflowers

Beautiful chrysanthemums

flowers triangular circuit

Like white flowers, buckwheat flowers are typical flowers in the Northwest. No need to go too far, coming to Da Lat will surprise you with the fields of buckwheat.

Buckwheat flowers in Da Lat

Flowers triangular circuit

This flower is grown on the farm to make fodder for livestock. Buckwheat flowers with slender stems, small, but simple, attractive flowers. The most blooming time is September Until November, this time is very suitable for those who like “virtual living”.

pictures of flowers

Pictures of flowers

Purple phoenix flower – “specialty of March”

Da Lat purple phoenix brings a beauty that you cannot find anywhere. The fragile purple phoenix can only live in the cold land of Da Lat. Every March, it blooms profusely and brilliantly. Strolling on the streets of Da Lat, visitors will be shaded by the shade of purple phoenix trees and pleasant fragrance. Being mentioned as a sad city and accidentally this flower season gives Da Lat an indescribable feeling.

Purple Phoenix flower in Da Lat

Purple phoenix in Da Lat

Many people still want to come to Da Lat to see the purple phoenix in bloom, no matter what moment the purple phoenix is ​​still beautiful. Usually scattered over The road around Xuan Huong Lake, Tran Phu street. Come here once and try to see its beauty.

Names of beautiful flowers

Names of beautiful flowers

Lilies – Types of lilies

Lilies are grown all over the country. But visit Da Lat to see the miracle of this flower. The lily has a fat stem, large flower buds and each flower ear gives more flowers. Bringing many colors, when coming here, visitors will want to buy it and bring it home.

The most beautiful flower

The most beautiful flower

Grown year-round in greenhouses to meet the needs of locals and tourists. The lilies bloom most beautifully in the last months of the year, especially during the Lunar New Year.

Da Lat Lily


Mimosa – a flower that only Da Lat has

Another season of flowers wearing yellow is called Mimosa. The flowers have a small spherical shape that grows in bunches, making visitors unable to pick them when looking at them. Only growing and adapting in Da Lat is characteristic of this flower and is most beautiful from February to April. If you don’t mind a trip to Da Lat you can not only admire but also hear its legend.

Da Lat Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers

The flower is associated with a romance that cannot come together. It is always said that this is a flower symbolizing a pure and quiet love. This flower paradise is more than 10 km long on the way to Chinese pagoda in Da Lat. In the blooming season, many people will not want to leave when they see the flowers blooming.

Mimosa flowers in Da Lat

Mimosa flowers

White flowers – December snowflakes

A typical flower of the Northwest mountainous region, young people think that the photo is like in Korea. The flowers grow tall, at the end of the year they bloom again with white color mixed with a little purple pink. The first wave of flowers, made tourists lose their way when coming to Da Lat.

Da Lat flowers

flowering balconies

Come December, do a trip to Dalat to admire this flower season. This flower tree is planted in the city center such as: Tran Phu, Quang Trung, Chi Lang streets.

Da Lat white ban flower

flower White board

Da Lat white and yellow mustard flowers

The end of the year is the time when flowers bloom the most in Da Lat, among them are white mustard flowers. People originally grew canola flowers for seeds and tubers, but this beauty attracts tourists.

Dalat flowers

Dalat flowers

Many couples have chosen this place as the setting for their wedding photos. Add a little tenderness to Dalat’s white cabbage like a small snowflake in Da Lat in winter. This flower blooms in December for young people who love the simplicity of the Northwest mountains.

Canola flowers in Da Lat

flowering choy

Orchids – precious and expensive flowers in February

An expensive flower with sophisticated planting techniques. The tourists who play orchids will be overwhelmed when coming to Da Lat. The biggest blooming season is in February – March, with many different species. The orchids in Da Lat have thick wings, clearer colors that can be maintained for more than 3 months such as the Yellow Queen orchid, the Golden Jacket orchid, the Cam Lua orchid, etc.

Da Lat orchids

Cymbidium flower

When tourists come to Dalat on the right Lunar New Year season, they can admire the flowers, buy a pot of orchids to display in the house to welcome the new year. This flower is known as the most beautiful Tet flower of every year.

Dia orchids in Da Lat

Dia Lan flower image

Green Queen Flower

Blue Queen flowers are similar in color and shape to Lavender flowers. This flower is suitable for Da Lat climate and does not need too much care. The plant has a flat, branched, hairless stem.

Da Lat Green Queen Flower

Green Queen flower image

Inflorescences compact with leafless wreaths, dark blue on the outside and smooth on the inside. Green queen flowers are planted all over the sidewalks and city parks. The flower blooms all year round and is easy to see when coming to Da Lat.

The image of Da Lat's green queen flower

Green queen flower image

Cherry apricot blossom – the characteristic of spring in Dalat

No need to go to Japan, Da Lat is also the place to enjoy the cherry blossom season. Flowering season is expected by many people during Tet and only once a year. If you have a plan for a trip to Dalat on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Cherry blossoms in Da Lat

Cherry Blossom

Visitors will see cherry apricot trees. It is shaped like a plum tree, with flowers blooming on the street corner. From January to February, from the suburbs to the city center, all roads will be covered with a gentle pink color. Currently, Da Lat has about 3000 cherry apricot trees around Tran Hung Dao street, around Xuan Huong lake.

Cherry Blossom in Da Lat

Apricot Cherry Blossom


Hopefully the article summarizes the species Dalat flowers Our beauty can be helpful for travelers. If you like more flowers, you can comment below. We will update the article to make it more complete. Thank you for your interest in our articles. Finally, we would like to wish you a happy and most attractive trip to Dalat.

Some questions from visitors about Dalat flowers:

Which species bloom in July in Da Lat?

July is the season of reed flowers and sunflowers starting to bloom in Da Lat. Da Lat’s largest reed flower hill is located near Tuyen Lam lake area

When to go to Da Lat in which season is there a lot of flowers, the most beautiful flowers?

Going to Da Lat in January is when the city enters the most beautiful flower season of the year. The most characteristic to mention is the cherry apricot!

Does Hoa Dalat Travel organize a tour to see flowers in Dalat?

Hoa Dalat Travel we are currently organizing tours to Dalat, with preferential prices, many convenient services, contact now for more information.

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