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Tết 2021 đi đâu chơi ở Đà Nẵng? 11+ địa điểm du lịch đẹp rẻ

Tet is probably the busiest time of the year in Da Nang. Because this is the time when all family members flock to this beautiful coastal city to relax and have fun after a year of studying and working hard. However, you often have difficulty when you do not know Where to go for Tet in Da Nang. Understand that, Vietnam Booking has compiled the most beautiful places in Da Nang today. Pocket the list below, you will immediately have a complete spring trip.

Walking around the Tet market or flower streets has become a habit of Vietnamese people on the first days of the new year. So, to be able to fully feel the spring atmosphere in Da Nang, you should stop by Bach Dang flower street along the Han River. Here, New Year’s Day will be decorated with colorful flowers with a different theme each year. Therefore, people and tourists are very excited, looking forward to seeing how this year’s decoration will be.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Enjoying flowers is an indispensable activity on Lunar New Year. Photo: ST

No need to worry Where to go on Tet holiday in Da Nang? more because you can go in and out freely at any time during the holiday season to enjoy the wonderful colorful scenery of the flower street.

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If you come to Da Nang on the days before New Year’s Eve, walking around the flower market on September 2 will be an interesting experience. Here you will really feel the bustling atmosphere of the New Year of the locals. They sell flowers and ornamental plants from the beginning to the end of the street. This is also a check-in point that is quite popular with young people in Da Nang. If you don’t know yet Where to go this Tet in Da Nang This is a pretty good option.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Da Nang people are eager to buy flowers to prepare for Tet. Photo: ST

Going to the temple at the beginning of the year is an indispensable activity for most Vietnamese people. Therefore, the temples in Da Nang on New Year’s Day are very crowded and bustling. This place is famous for its sacred temples. Typically, there are three Linh Ung pagodas. One temple is located on the top of Ba Na, one is located on Son Tra peninsula, and the other is located on Ngu Hanh Son mountain. Each place has its own beautiful architecture. If the trip Tet tourism in Da Nang If you have enough time, visit all three of these temples. And if the schedule is a bit tight, in the experience of Vietnam Bookingthe temple on Son Tra peninsula is the most visited place.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Going to the temple to pray for peace at the beginning of the new year is the custom of most Da Nang people. Photo: ST

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Similar to going to the temple at the beginning of the year of the majority of Da Nang residents, Catholics in this city will go to the church to pray. And the most famous church among them is the Cathedral.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Cathedral with classical European architecture. Photo: ST

Also known as Con Ga Church, this is one of the favorite places of many young people in Da Thanh. Coming here, you will be ecstatic by the mysterious Gothic architecture that makes you think you have lost in an ancient western city. Besides the typical religious value, the church also has invaluable historical values ​​because it has witnessed many ups and downs of the city since the French colonial period. This is definitely a point Da Nang Tet tourism you should visit.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang This is one of the favorite virtual living places of Da Nang youth. Photo: ST

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When I hear someone ask “Where to go for Tet in Da Nang”, Asia Park will be one of the first places to play Tet in Da Nang that Da Nang people suggest to you.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Asia Park is as beautiful as a dream when the lights are on. Photo: ST

Asia Park is only about 10-15 minutes by motorbike from the city center, so it is very convenient for tourists to travel and have fun. This place is a park that combines 3 types, including:

  • Amusement park with a variety of games: thrilling game Sky Treasure, Love Lock – a gentle game suitable for couples or families, Dino Island – a prehistoric dinosaur world that any child will love , and countless other attractive games such as Festival Carousel, Happy Choo Choo,…

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang The sparkling, romantic wooden horse wheel creates extreme virtual live photos. Photo: ST

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  • Major works of Sun Wheel area: You will experience the unique aerial tram system with Monorail, or admire the beauty of Da Nang city when lights up on the giant Sun Wheel,…

  • Cultural Park with typical cuisine and architectural blocks of 10 Asian countries.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang You will think as if you are in a foreign country with an architectural complex that simulates famous works in Asia. Photo: ST

Admission ticket information

+ Ticket price:

  • For people with Da Nang household registration: 100,000 VND/adult, 80,000 VND/child (from 1m to 1.4m tall)

  • For out-of-province tourists: 150,000VND/adult, 100,000VND/child (1m – 1.4m tall)

+ Hours of operation: Asia Park operates all week from 15:00 to 22:00

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Hoi An is always a destination not to be missed Going to Da Nang on Tet holiday. On these days, the old town seems to be more sparkling when the lanterns are full of the way. In front of each ancient house, the people here decorate with red couplets, apricot pots, potted daisies, etc., making the whole old town feel like wearing a new shirt to greet the coming of spring.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang The bright red ao dai fluttered in the ancient city. Photo: ST

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7- My Khe beach is clear, sparkling with spring sunshine

As one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet voted by Forbes, My Khe beach is one of the places that attracts many tourists for this “most livable city in Vietnam”. For those who love the sea, they will definitely be captivated by the fine white sand, the row of coconut trees, the blue water whispering each wave to the shore, …

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Immerse yourself in the blue ocean under the warm spring sunshine. Photo: ST

Under the warm sunshine and cloudless sky of spring, you will have the “virtual life” photos for a lifetime as well as enjoy the exciting sea sports. Don’t forget this place when you go Da Nang travel on Tet holiday you!

8- Ba Na Hill is like a fairy in the spring sunshine

In the list “places to play Tet in Da Nang”, Ba Na Hill is definitely a name worthy of appearing. Because this is one of the “hot” tourist destinations in Da Nang city all the time. Ba Na Hill is a tourist area consisting of castles with bold European architecture lying on the high mountains. Visitors to Ba Na in the spring will be able to participate in jubilant festivals to welcome the new year, immerse themselves in the parade of dancers from the West in bustling music.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Cheerful, boisterous dances from talented dancers in Ba Na Hill. Photo: ST

In addition, Ba Na also organizes traditional activities, flower festivals, … equally unique. Most especially, visitors will be able to see the Golden Bridge that is “storming” on Instagram and world travel websites.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang

The Golden Bridge has “caused a fever” for a long time and shows no sign of cooling down. Photo: ST

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Admission ticket information

+ Ticket price:

  • For residents of Da Nang city: VND 450,000/adult, VND 350,000/child (from 1m to 1.3m tall)

  • For tourists outside Da Nang city: 750,000VND/adult, 600,000VND/child (1m – 1.3m tall)

+ Hours of operation: Ba Na Hill is open from 7:00 to 22:00 every day of the week.

9- Cu Lao Cham – the wild beauty of nature

If you are still wondering Where to go for Tet in Da Nang, then you can go a little far from the center to find new places. One of them is Cu Lao Cham. Located 40km from Da Nang, Cu Lao Cham is a cluster of 8 pristine and peaceful islands of Quang Nam. For those who love nature but not going to Cu Lao Cham, it will be a pity. Because this place has not been explored much, it still maintains its original beauty.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang

Lost fun activities in Cu Lao Cham. Photo: ST

In the spring days here the water is very clear and warm, the weather is very beautiful, suitable for you to participate in activities of swimming, diving to see corals, visiting the island, camping, … If you want to escape from the noise In the city, coming to this wilderness is a great choice. You can book now Da Nang – Cu Lao Cham discovery schedule 1 day to enjoy the holidays on this island of rustic beauty.

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Unlike other markets, Helio night market operates throughout New Year’s Day including New Year’s Eve so that visitors can visit. This is the place for you to explore Danang nightlife. Visitors here can shop for a number of things such as jewelry, accessories, flowers, food, ornamental plants, clothes, etc. On Tet holiday, visitors can also watch lion dance, music, and dancing. .. bustling in a corner of the sky. You don’t have to worry Tet Da Nang where to go It’s okay because there’s already this constantly open market!

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang The night market is more magical in the spring days. Photo: ST

11- Unique Dragon Bridge spits fire and water

Da Nang is a city of bridges, so visiting these works is indispensable Going to Da Nang on Tet holiday. In particular, Dragon Bridge is the symbolic bridge of Da Thanh with extremely attractive weekend fire and water spraying activities. In particular, visitors can watch this special performance from the 1st to the 5th of the Da Nang Lunar New Year 2021. Besides, visitors can also come to the bridge of love where there are hearts hanging romantically. romantic or admiring the moment when the Han River Bridge rotates vertically at midnight,… All will be unforgettable memories when going to Da Nang during Tet.

Where to go for Tet in Da Nang Dragon Bridge is an image associated with Da Nang. Photo: ST

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With the above list of points, you can easily answer the question “Where to go for Tet in Da Nang” already! Da Nang with beautiful natural landscapes, magnificent works and friendly and hospitable people are waiting for you. Try it once Tet Da Nang, you will have unforgettable memories in your life! You can refer to some more Tet tour Others are currently having a great promotion at Vietnam Booking. If you have any questions, please contact Hotline 1900 3398 for a free consultation!

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