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Thác Prenn, Diện Mạo Mới Mẻ Của Thiên Nhiên Đà Lạt

How many scenic spots converge in Da Thanh and Prenn waterfall is also one of them. The charming landscape and various activities to discover nature have turned Prenn Waterfall, Da Lat into a real “visitor magnet”.

Lam Vien Plateau in Lam Dong is famous for its majestic waterfalls created thousands of years ago. Each waterfall has its own beauty, but all have the common feature of being large, pouring loudly day and night, white foam in the midst of the charming natural landscape. The green, fresh nature of these wild waterfalls can move each of the senses, bringing a sense of closeness and attracting visitors.

If you have ever experienced adventure games in Datanla Waterfallor camp at your feet Pongour waterfallthen in this article, Klook Vietnam will introduce you to new activities at Prenn Waterfall Resort, a name that is so familiar to the fan club. visit Dalat.

A couple of things about Prenn Waterfall Da Lat

Prenn Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the remaining primeval forest in Da Lat right at the foot of Prenn Pass, the gateway to Da Lat city. Therefore, when you hear the sound of water flowing from Prenn waterfall mixed with the sound of pine in the wind, you know that you are coming to Da Lat.

Prenn Waterfall originates from Prenn stream in the area of ​​Hung Vuong Street, Da Lat, flows through Prenn Pass until it meets the fracture of the granite foundation, forming a waterfall. Prenn waterfall is more than 10m high and 20m wide, pouring down from Prenn waterfall through undulating rapids. From above, Prenn waterfall falls like a beautiful white silk. Perhaps that is why Prenn waterfall is also known as Tien Sa waterfall. Besides, the pine forest at the foot of the waterfall whispers all year round, bringing with it stories about the peaceful land.

According to the elders of the K’ho ethnic group here, at first, the waterfall was called Liang Tarding, near the village of Pren. Later, the locals called it Prenn, which means “bitter eggplant”. This type of eggplant is found a lot in the area upstream of Prenn waterfall, often picked for daily food.

In some other explanations, Prenn means “encroached area”. This stems from the persistent war that occurred in the 17th century of the indigenous people here: Lat, Chil, Sre, Ma… against the Western advancement of the Cham people. In 1998, Prenn waterfall was ranked as a National Landscape Monument and is always in the list of 5 beautiful waterfalls with many interesting legends of Vietnam.

Introducing Prenn . Waterfall Tourist Area

From 1990 to now, Prenn waterfall is managed and exploited by Da Lat Tourism Service Joint Stock Company, with an area of ​​about 160ha. In which, pine forest and primeval forest account for 90% of the area, embellished and built many tourist works such as: self-propelled cable car crossing waterfall, rattan bridge hanging over stream, stilt house, hut on the top. trees, silk embroidery galleries, souvenir stalls. In addition, there is also Au Lac temple located on a high hill for visitors to visit, offer incense and remember the roots.

Prenn Waterfall tourist area regularly organizes performances of Central Highlands ethnic music, sports games on streams, folk games, etc. In particular, on the Hung King’s death anniversary every year, the resort solemnly Commemorating, offering sacrifices and offering incense at Au Lac Temple with exciting artistic activities such as: Bac Ninh quan ho singing, Xoe dance of the Thai people, gong performance of the K’Ho people, food fairs, etc. to introduce national culture to tourists.

After having fun exploring Prenn Falls, you can enjoy the famous snakehead fish porridge at the restaurant here. Prenn Waterfall tourist area is considered as the geographical starting point in the journey to discover the city of thousands of flowers and is one of the attractions not to be missed when traveling to Dalat.

Where is Prenn Waterfall?

  • Prenn Waterfall is located at 20 Lien Khuong – Prenn highway, in ward 3, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. Prenn Waterfall is about 10km from Da Lat city center and you can easily come here by many means at an economical cost.

Detailed Directions on How to Get to Prenn Falls

It is not too difficult for you to find Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area and the way is also quite convenient. You can travel by car, Rent Motorcycles or taxi.

From Hoa Binh area, Dalat city center, you follow Le Dai Hanh street towards the roundabout of Da Lat Fountain. After that, continue to go on Tran Quoc Toan street and then turn into Ho Tung Mau, until you meet Ba Thang Tu street (National Highway 20). You follow Highway 20 for about 10km until you meet the tunnel to cross the Prenn bridge, go more than 200m to the entrance of Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area.

For those of you traveling from Saigon and the southern provinces, the main road will be the Lien Khuong – Prenn highway. Prenn Waterfall will be located across the Lien Khuong highway, so after going down the pass, you will have to go another distance about 2km to reach the tunnel to cross the Prenn bridge.

Revealing to #teamKlook, Prenn Pass is one of the most beautiful backpacking roads in Da Lat, with one side being a pine hill and a steep cliff on the other. Going to Prenn Pass will definitely bring interesting and attractive experiences.

For those of you who are not familiar with the pass in Da Lat or go with a large family, the best solution is Rent a car with a private driver. With this service, you can rest assured to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, or sleep for a lifetime and you will arrive.

Prenn Waterfall Reference Ticket Price

Ticket price to visit Prenn Waterfall tourist area is 30,000 VND for adults and 15,000 VND for children. This is an entrance ticket, not including entertainment or dining expenses in the resort. Note that ticket prices may change depending on when you travel.

Prenn Falls Opening Hours Reference

Prenn Waterfall tourist area is open to visit from 7am to 16h30 daily. #teamKlook remember to note the time to schedule a trip to Dalat so that it is reasonable.

What’s in Prenn Waterfall? Super Fascinating Nature Discovery Activities

Coming to Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area is not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can also participate in many interesting fun activities. Stepping through the gate to Prenn waterfall is a vast ecosystem, along with wonderful experiences to explore the nature of Lam Dong.

1. Rowing a pontoon boat on a stream

With an inexpensive pontoon boat for two, you can row your own boat to visit Prenn waterfall, enjoy the exciting feeling of being moved downstream, enjoy the charming mountains and forests, and be at your leisure. take a photo.

Let’s go rowing with that person at the foot of the waterfall in the cool air, colorful flowers, and green forest trees amidst the golden sunshine of the mountains, surely you just want to “melt” with each romantic moment. only there.

2. Try riding elephants, ostriches

Besides the boating game, Prenn Waterfall Resort also offers a Central Highlands experience, which is elephant riding. Large, well-trained elephants will be guided by elephants to take you to visit some areas in the tourist area.

In addition to elephant riding, you can ride an ostrich running around for fun. If you are a person who likes thrills, you should not miss this game. If you are not brave enough to ride them, you are free to take pictures with them. In addition, in the zoo of the resort, there are many other species such as: horses, camels, deer, bears… In particular, the animals here have been tamed, so they are very friendly to people.

3. Take the cable car down to the waterfall

This is a cable car system designed specifically for visitors, allowing people to enjoy the panoramic view of Prenn waterfall from above. Each cable car cabin can accommodate from 2 to 3 people, with a very soft price. Using the cable car helps you save effort, save time going down the waterfall and enjoy the wonderful scenery. After passing the welcome gate about 50m, you will see the Cable Car Station on the right.

4. Ride a Jeep through the forest

Instead of walking to conquer the rocky slopes by yourself, you can choose to visit Prenn waterfall by jeep. The Jeep can carry up to 6 adults, so if you’re traveling with a group or family, it’ll be fun. The jeep will take you from the foot of the waterfall to the top of the waterfall, through the forest, across the stream, leaning along the cliffs. Exploring the scenery of the mountains and forests but still having the energy to participate in other activities is reasonable, isn’t it!

5. Visit Au Lac Temple

To the east of the top of Prenn waterfall is Au Lac Temple, worshiping the Hung Kings. The Au Lac temple area is located on a hill with the ability to “kneel in front of an elephant, kneeling in front of a tiger”, keeping the architecture of the Hung temple in the land of Ancestral Phu Tho. In particular, the land, water, incense bowls worshiped in the temple are all requested from Hung Temple; and 100 pebbles representing 100 eggs were also brought from Ninh Thuan to put on the monument of Lac Long Quan – Au Co.

The Upper Temple is the area that attracts the most visitors. Near Thuong temple, there is Ngoc well with very clear water and a big rock shaped like a gong that can make sounds. From the Upper Temple, you can zoom in on Elephant Mountain (Pinhatt), enjoy the scenery outside of Da Lat. After visiting the temple area, you continue to follow the steps to go through Au Lac job.

6. Visiting the zoo

The wildlife zoo in Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area has a history since 1963, so if you come here, you should not miss the zoo. You will encounter tigers, bears, monkeys, crocodiles, deer, and reptiles. Children and wildlife lovers will not help but enjoy the Prenn Falls Zoo.

7. Visit the orchid garden

Besides the zoo, the orchid garden and flower garden are also favorite check-in points in Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area. Precious flowers are planted and cared for carefully, flowering every warm weather. Going to the land of thousands of flowers without seeing the flowers is a waste, isn’t it!

What to Eat When Traveling to Prenn Waterfall, Da Lat?

One of the “delicious” dishes at Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area is boneless snakehead fish porridge cooked with Prenn spring water or pale snakehead fish with lemon. In the cold weather, a cup of hot porridge with snakehead fish fillet served with mustard will bring an unforgettable feeling in every visitor. Waterfall snakehead fish fillet with lemon onion & forest rice porridge cooked with Prenn spring water. In addition, you can enjoy the Delicious specialties of the mountains and forests of Da Lat served at the restaurant in the tourist area.

Prenn Self Tuc Waterfall Travel Experience

To have a truly complete and smooth trip, #teamKlook should note the following few things:

  • Because the waterfall area is quite high and steep, you can only visit a few allowed spots. Especially, on rainy days, you need to be more careful in areas with lots of rocks and wood.

  • Those who are afraid of heights or have heart problems and blood pressure should not try the cable car.

  • When participating in boating, remember to avoid places with fast-moving water or waterfalls to be safe.

  • Although the zoo has been carefully protected and shielded, it should not be subjective, especially the small children. It is best to stay far away to observe the animals and not disturb them.

Hostels/Hotels Near Prenn Da Lat Waterfall Tourist Area

1. Stillus Boutique Hotel

  • Address: 107 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

  • Reference price: from 600,000 VND/night

2. New Century Hotel Da Lat

  • Address: 14B Dong Da Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

  • Reference price: from 322,000 VND/night

3. The Hobbit Bungalow

  • Address: Lot 16 Planning Area 51 Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

  • Reference price: from 473,000 VND/night

4. The Circle Vietnam Homestay

  • Address: 233 Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

  • Reference price: from 372,000 VND/night

5. Firewood Homestay Dalat

  • Address: 79 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

  • Reference price: from 120,000 VND/night

Tourist Attractions Near Prenn Waterfall Can’t Be Missed

Hope the information about Prenn waterfall will help you have a relaxing trip with family and friends; And don’t forget to share your stories about your travels Da Lat self-sufficient travel Join #teamKlook on Facebook or Instagram so we can continue interesting stories about Da Lat.

How poetic is the upcoming vacation when adding Prenn Da Lat waterfall to your itinerary, #teamKlook agree?




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